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From day one JobConnection Services' objective has always remained simple: to tirelessly serve its clients by focusing on their individual staffing needs. We work for You!

JobConnection Services provides staffing support, executive and management recruiting, and other human resources services to employers of all industries.


We employ temporary associates in roles ranging from basic, unskilled laborers, to highly credentialed professional associates in Fortune 500 companies. No job is too big or small.


JobConnection Services is always “Working for You.”

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JobConnection Services holds initial client meetings in order to understand exactly what the Client is searching for. The meeting is personal & plays a large part in finding you the correct match.

Staffing Services

  • Executive & Management
  • Administrative
  • Impromptu Temp Associate

JCS Logistics is designed to meet (and often exceed) the needs of today's market saving you money, time and energy.

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  • 201.528.7018
  • 463 Barell Ave, Carlstadt, NJ 07072
  • Established: 2001

JCS Logistics is dedicated to working with your Company to meet and exceed your business goals.  With expertise in LEAN Manufacturing, Six Sigma, Total Quality Management, ISO, Just In Time, and Process Flow, we work to document areas for improvement.  With experience in Operations Management, Fulfillment Logistics -3PL, and Engineered Labor Solutions, we will create, with you, a customized solution that focuses on reducing costs and increased productivity.


Let our dedicated staff begin the process of ‘Working For You’.

JCS Logistics Process

Our inventory management system is designed to deliver 100% accuracy. We designed a solution to ensure your customers receive their orders on time, and more importantly exactly what they ordered!

Selected Services Offered

  • Fulfillment Services
  • 3PL
  • Kitting
  • Pick & Pack
  • Order Management
  • Insourcing/CPU

JCS Professional Staffing's mission is to provide unequaled, professional recruiting services to our customers and candidates.

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  • 246 Main St, Slatington, PA 18080
  • Established: 2014

When you're in need of qualified executives and management professionals, we work with you to pinpoint the right talent for your organization. We ensure that candidates match your broad-range expectations for maximum long-term retention. At JCS Professional Staffing, Inc., we know that the candidate, the hiring manager, and the organization all have to operate cohesively to meet the needs of the business.


JCS Professional Staffing, Inc. is a member-owner of NPA, The Worldwide Recruiting Network, giving us connections to premier independent recruiting firms located throughout Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa and the Americas.

JCS Professional Staffing

JCS Professional Staffing, Inc. offers superior customer service and value for the most qualified candidates to our customers founded on uncompromised integrity and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Selected Services Offered

  • Candidate & Customer Professional Recruiting

JCS Health Care strives to respect the wishes of everyone we serve while providing exemplary care to our clients who choose to live independently & productively.

JCS Health Care is a premier home care agency licensed by the state of PA.  We serve anyone in the Lehigh, Northampton & Carbon County areas in need of personal care & home care. We can transport and accompany you to short procedures, appointments, and shopping. Our service enables individuals to remain independent and thriving in their home setting.


JCS Health Care is “Working for You” to ensure your loved ones are well cared for.

JCS Health Care

Our staff is meticulously chosen and is fully bonded and insured. Our pre-employment screening includes a criminal and child abuse check, drug screenings and personal and professional references.

Selected Services Offered

  • Transportation
  • Personal Care
  • Home Care Services
  • Medication Reminders

JCS Family values our customers' success and feedback above all else. Below are a few of our clients' opinions of us.

Company Info:

First Aid Beauty produces beauty and spa products that are free of harsh chemicals and alergens.


FAB deeply cares about the environment & their effect on it.

Partnership: FAB + JCS Logistics   Working Together For: 2 Years

First Aid Beauty Logo

James Elterman Testimonial

Production & Planning Manager, First Aid Beauty

JCS Logistics has been the primary fulfillment organization for First Aid Beauty for the past two years. We have been a valuable partner in supporting First Aid Beauty's Rapid Growth.


Some key areas of excellence that JCS Logistics provides are:

  • · Fast & Efficient Fulfillment Team

  • · Very Customer Focused

  • · Easy to get a hold of
    · Addresses problems in real time
    · Highest level of flexibility

  • · Constantly investing

  • · In facilities & systems & people to drive improvements & to support our growth

FAB Faves

First Aid Beauty likes to keep it simple. The packaging says what the products do, and the products do what they say.

  • · Excellent pricing model

  • · Straightforward negotiation of tems and contracts
    · Lots of flexibility in Ad-Hoc Work (always takes care of customers' needs from a cost perspective)

“JCS Logistics contributes a lot of value to First Aid Beauty primarily due to the flexible nature of JCSL's processes and keen customer focus of the JCS Logistics employees.”

In summary, JCSL contributes a lot of value to First Aid Beauty primarily due to the flexible nature of JCSL's processes and keen customer focus of the JCS Logistics' employees.


I would strongly recommend JCSL to anyone who is looking to address any distribution/fulfillment needs as I am sure JCSL can add value to their organization through a close nit partnership.

Company Info:

With an annual production capacity of over 170 million pounds across three plants, Ultra-Poly is currently one of the largest and most efficient plastic recyclers in North America.

Partnership: Ultra-Poly Corporation + JobConnection Services

Ultra-Poly Corporation Logo

Susan M. Taylor Testimonial

Human Resources Manager, Ultra-Poly Corporation

I’ve found that with temp services bigger is not better. JobConnection Services has been a great fit for Ultra-Poly as we like to keep work local and help out the community. They help meet that fine line of meeting the needs of our company and keeping the temps on their end, happy too.


Matthew is very responsive to our changing needs, and has offered great input on solutions to any problem we have encountered, such as going to a non-smoking facility. It’s been a pleasure working with Matt and Debbie, and we’ve reached a point where we can be honest about a problem with no hard feelings at the end. Why is this important… because sometimes the truth hurts, but many times it’s the only way to correct a problem and move forward.

Ultra-Poly Recycled Plastics

Ultra-Poly’s economies of scale are impressive. Indeed, it is one of the World’s few reprocessing operations capable of running 100,000-pound orders in under 24 hours.

“Matt is a really kind person who cares
deeply about JobConnection employees.”

Last but surely not least, on a personal note, Matt is a really kind person who cares deeply about JobConnection employees. One of our temps lost his home and all his possessions in a fire. Matt contacted the local thrift shop and made arrangements with them to help the employee out with items to meet their basic needs. You can’t buy that level of caring. I’m not only glad to work with him, but proud to do so.

Company Info:

Bardot Plastics is one of the largest custom injection molders in the northeast USA with machine sizes from 200 ton to 1800 ton with machine shot sizes from 10 ounces to 607 ounces.

Partnership: Bardot + JobConnection   Working Together For: 7 Years

Bardot Plastics Logo

Laura M. Deegan Testimonial

HR Assistant, Bardot Plastics

As the Human Resources Assistant at Bardot Plastics, Inc., I have worked with JobConnection Services in Bangor, PA for the past 7 years. They are not only courteous and professional in the office, but staffers they provide have proven to be dedicated and reliable.


Matt and Debbie are a pleasure to work with. They follow up with me to be sure the people they provide are working well. Any issues that have arisen have always been resolved quickly and completely.

Bardot Plastics Injection Molders

Bardot believes in running a simple operation that focuses on understanding customer's needs in order to provide consistent quality in the production process.

Company Info:

June Jacobs, a world renowned spa visionary for over thirty years, has redefined luxury spa. As the creator of three global skin care lines, June set out to change the landscape of skin care within the spa market through the creation of the June Jacobs Spa Collection.

Partnership: June Jacobs + JCS Logistics

June Jacobs Logo

Matthew Silpe Testimonial

Chief Operating Office, June Jacobs Lab

We rely upon the expertise and discipline of the JCSL team to complete assembly, packout and fulfillment for a multitude of personal care products and distribute through the JCSL fulfillment center to customers both domestically and in various markets around the globe.


Since turning over our assembly and fulfillment requirements to JCSL, we have seen a significant increase in productivity while error rates have been brought down to levels previously unattainable.  And as we grow, JCSL brings on the manpower to grow with us. In our business, where quality control and customer confidence in our brands is a requirement, we are comfortable knowing that our product lines are in the good hands.

June Jacobs Labs Products

To maintain the highest levels of quality and standards in manufacturing, June also opened an independent laboratory, June Jacobs Labs.

Company Info:

Wonder Curl products help cut down on styling time and create the type of hair that curlies want: smooth, frizz-free and shiny hair with movement and touchable softness.

Partnership: Wonder Curl + JCS Logistics

Wonder Curl Logo

Scarlett Rocourt Testimonial

Creator, Wonder Curl

I have been working with JCS Logistics for over a year and they are more than a partner, they are an extension of my team. As a small business owner, having a vendor who is able to work closely with you to not only meet deadlines, but to enable you to grow and expand as the market dictates is paramount. I have found this with JCS.



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Wonder Curl Products

We want our customers to have the best experience with our products and to that end we strive to give the best customer service and will work with you to answer any questions you might have.